Crystal drugs: Downers


Your own secret stash of raw crystals.
These are high grade classed downers.

Black tourmaline: Protection, psychic shield, deflects and dispels negative energy. A shamanic stone that grounds the body to the Earth. Keeps one safe from electromagnetic fields of electronics, a purification stone. Helps with addictions, anxiety, fears, racing thoughts, and compulsions. Targets the legs, hips, and waist. A root chakra crystal. This stone will help you to relax and feel safe.

Lepidolite: A guardian. A protection stone. Guards against belief and doubt. Contains Lithium, helping with emotional stability. Calms the nervous system. Absorbs electromagnetic pollution. A crown chakra crystal. Targets the top of the head. Helps to align you with Father Sky, and to fill you with peace. Promotes conscious awareness of the self.

You will receive one raw piece of each crystal.
Do not ingest the crystals, or create an elixir with the raw crystals.