My name is Kati. I am 31 years old. From birth I knew things people could not know. I began to understand myself at 20 years old. When I began to experience feeling other humans auric fields at just 20, I had a visit with a psychic. The meeting was at my aunts for a “psychic party”. I explained what I was experiencing, and she told me I was psychic and would be fulfilling my life work as a medical intuitive. In 11 years, I have a defined psychic ability and do not need any tools to gain information.

I have given readings to people all over the world in the past 8 years, very talented and skilled readings without knowing any prior information about these clients. All I ask is for a persons first and last name, as well as their age. I use my body to navigate answers for myself, and others.

Bodies speak to me. They literally talk to me. I am able to hear, feel and see areas of the physical body and astral or energetic body, as well as gain an image or very personal story, just from touching a body or sensing any energy field. I am currently doing medical intuitive readings for any location, and from any location.

July 2019

September 2014