Root Chakra Balance and Development

The other morning, someone asked me a very personal question. A lot of people take a lot of offense to this idea, or method. I was sitting at a table, the person texted my phone and said, “Kati, what are some good reasons for a baby to have a pacifier?”

“What does it mean to self soothe,

and if you give a baby a pacifier.. is that baby self soothing?”

When a woman is pregnant, that baby is rooted because of the mother. The womb is just like any other organ, it is being imprinted on by experiences, energy, food, drugs, the environment around the mother, and the body of the mother. The mother isn’t the only one effecting this child either, all the people surrounding the mother’s body or energy are effecting this baby.

Because of the mothers body and energy, this babies body is grounded. Even if the mother isn’t necessarily grounded, her body is on Earth. Whatever is imprinted on to that baby in the womb, the baby is born with. That baby no longer has it’s mothers grounding by default, because it’s no longer inside of that body. From the time the baby is born, the baby is now learning about grounding. It is said that the root chakra phase of learning is from birth to age seven.

Look at babies to age seven, you can easily see they are learning a great deal here.. and somehow after that age, you can also see that they’ve changed in some way. This is because no matter what happens in those 7 years, that child moves on to their next chakra’s development.. which is the Sacral chakra. It’s about expression of who they are! Most people deem this as ‘becoming a pre-teen’.

Babies were entirely dependent on the mother, they are now quickly learning what it means to ground themselves. What the parents do now, and what surrounds the baby is showing the baby what it has to do to be grounded.

“how do I feed my baby?” Should I bottle feed the baby? Should I breastfeed the baby? Should the baby have a pacifier? Where does the baby sleep? Does the baby sleep with me? Should the baby have their own special blanket?

A great idea is not to think at all about what you think is socially appropriate, and actually look at what your child needs. Each child is different, but each child is learning the same lesson: grounding.

Because this child has absolutely no grounding skills on it’s own, you have to teach that baby what grounding is and what it feels like. That’s your basic duty.

What does it mean to FEEL SAFE? The root chakra of a person is like the root of a tree. It holds that person up, it makes them strong, it makes them independent. Roots start small, and then with care and time.. those roots grow.

The root chakra encompasses many different things. The root chakra sits at the bottom of your torso. This effects both physical and energetic spaces. Physically this area includes your adrenal glands, colon, kidneys, skeleton, your bones, muscles, your blood, and your five basic senses.

The root chakra in the energetic sense includes your safety, security, survival, basic needs (like food, shelter, medicine, care, support), physicality and grounding (how connected you are to the Earth.)

Some children are born with root chakra imbalances. These children need extra grounding, and more guidance on how to ground themselves. The thing they all have in common, is that at birth.. no baby knows how to speak. Their bodies are developing, so they cannot walk. They are dependent beings.

If you are sensitive to energy, you can feel how grounded a baby or child is. Simply by looking at them, or holding their body with your hands.

Ungrounded humans are agitated. They are not calm, or centered. They will do anything to feel grounded, too. CRYING, is a great one. Babies can cry. When they belt it out, they are letting out a frequency. It has substance to it. Letting out a big cry or scream feels great, right? “HEAR ME ROAR!” Another easy one, they will move their body in anyway that they can. Mouth, hands, feet, legs. “I CAN FEEL THIS! ARE YOU SEEING THIS? I WANT SOMETHING.” They’re moving the energy around, and themselves around, and in their mind they’re like, “how do I get this?”

This is where the balance of being grounded comes in. We’re talking about stability, security, support, and food. This grounded thing is for every person, of every age! You see adults act this way, sometimes. It’s because they didn’t learn grounding in their environment, and they haven’t taught themselves that yet, either.

Our job is to re-ground ourselves, and to show our kids how to do it, too. So, what can babies do? Suckle, kick, cry, scream. ‘In the old days’, we didn’t have bottles. We didn’t have full time jobs, we didn’t have drug addicted mothers, we didn’t have women with no village to help raise their children. They had their tits, and they had their hands.

Suckling is a natural thing for babies, I absolutely commend you for giving your child a pacifier if you are not going to have that baby on your tit every time it cries. I also don’t expect you to do that. This is 2020. Things are different in the 3D. Pacifiers, believe it or not… are helping a child learn to self soothe. You also have to wean that baby off the pacifier, like you would the tit, or a bottle.

Humans are mammals. Think of a baby animal.. You’re still part animal, and so is your baby. I’m sure you realized that when you were pregnant, right? You felt like an animal sometimes! Especially when that baby was moving around inside of your body!

Lets talk more about grounding your children

TOUCH You’ve heard of ‘skin to skin contact’, right? They talk about it all the time with new babies. Touch is the most grounding thing, because TWO are stronger than one. Remember the moms body grounded the baby when it was in the womb? When you touch people, your grounding makes them more grounded. It doesn’t matter how you touch, whether it is deep, hard pressure or lightly grazing your fingers across someones skin. It depends on what the person needs for pressure, not what you think they need! Watch for their reaction, not their words. Energetic consent is made with energy and body language, not with words. Physical consent is made with words. *An unrooted person may not tell you no.

LIQUID or WATER Water is special. It is physical, but its more than that. It’s like liquid gold. Water is cleansing and grounding. Bathe in it, drink it. Don’t feed small babies water until they’re ready, thats where the milk comes in as a liquid. But, baths. They are a great one. In the womb, were in liquid. The mother is connected to the moon, and the ocean. We are made of water, and as we grow up.. we must consume it to live. The sound of water is a great one too, recordings or fountains, brooks or rivers.

SOUND Sound is interesting. A lot of people don’t realize how grounding it is. Sound holds frequency. You can’t see it, but it’s strong and it has weight. It impacts people. The sounds you’ve got going on around you will ground or unground you. Sometimes quiet sound is needed. Sometimes things are too loud. Have you ever heard of ASMR? Where they whisper in to a microphone? People find that soothing, because its grounding. You can get that type of sound from nature sounds, being outside, just natural sounds.. things you hear in a kitchen, playing music, playing specific tones. All sound is grounding, but some are more grounding than others. Sounds force you to be in the physical, just like TOUCH and LIQUID. NOTE G is what is to be considered the root chakra tone.

SMELL Smell is really connected to being grounded. What things smell like can make or break your whole vibe. Take it seriously. There are scents that are more grounding, they tend to be root plants or trees. White fir, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood.

FOOD All food is grounding. The heavier it is, the more grounding it is. Red food, especially. Root foods usually come from the ground, like a root vegetable. Then theres things like meat. Anything with SUBSTANCE is grounding. Use this age appropriately. Milk for babies, water and baby food for growing babies, food for toddlers, etc. (A great example is if you’re on a liquid/fasting diet, when you eat food. Just oatmeal will be much more grounding than something thin, like water.)

MOVEMENT This one goes with touch. We can move our bodies on our own, or with other people. With babies, or children who are very ungrounded.. its more likely that you’ll have to help them move their bodies. Not all the time, just sometimes. Swinging, swaying, bouncing, jumping, going in a circle, walking, dancing, climbing. When you soothe your baby with rocking, you are grounding the baby and teaching “rocking grounds me.”




  • Can this person look at you? If they can’t, its probably because they’re distracted by everything around them.
  • Is this person crying? Whining or whimpering?
  • Look at their body. Are they tapping, pacing, flapping, jumping, rocking? Are they distressed? Are they shaking? Is this person on the ground or a flat surface? Are they laying down, or kneeling down toward the ground? How are they breathing?
  • Now, touch their body. Touch tells you everything. Don’t even look with your eyes anymore. Do they feel floppy? Do they feel weak? Do they feel like a noodle?
  • Now, SEE. When you touch them, what do you see? Do you see roots? What DO you see? This is a specific one, because what you see in each persons field and body are completely different. But a story is there. You can see it, too.

Grounding another person is a cake walk. You can do it easily, anywhere. It works great with panic attacks, emotional melt downs of any age, it works with spiritual attack, it works.

Each person is different. But all the methods will work. Depending on the development of their consciousness.. you’ll have to gauge what they need in the moment to ground them. For example: a baby sometimes just needs a pacifier, sometimes that baby needs you to ground their body.. so you rock it, and that baby falls sleep. It falls asleep because it finally feels safe. This works too with adults, breathing works best for them… because they have racing minds. Teaching an adult to question their thinking and emotions helps transform their racing mind. Kids get this, too. Teaching children to ground themselves at a young age is ideal for emotional and energetic intelligence.

An easy way for children to ground: Ask the child to look around where they are, then ask that child to sit down no matter where they are. Ask that child to put their feet on the floor, and to place one or both hands on their legs. This forces the body to connect to the floor, and their hands to their legs.. grounding them to the floor and the Earth. Then ask them to take a deep breath. We continually take deep breaths together, as deep of a breath as we can take. We get rhythmic. We forget what were doing, because this feels good. Then we feel our body relax, and connect. There is stability now.

You do this for however long it takes for the person to become grounded. If you follow the protocols, it doesn’t take long!

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