Crystals & Vibrational Healing

Crystals are a really wonderful tool. They are often the precursor to meditation, opening of channels, and understanding much more about yourself. Since they are pretty to look at, they are often one of the first things people are drawn to once they begin to awaken to different dimensions, and layers of themselves.

I got my first real crystal at a young age, under 20, but was intuitively drawn to buy my first crystal ring with intention at age 20, almost 21.

My first was a giant Turquoise ring, and prior to that was an Amethyst.

Crystals are vibrational, energetic beings. They may look like rocks in physicality, but they are much like people. They are guides. They also speak. They can be programmed. They need to be charged and fed with water and light, and sometimes even more than that, or less than that, just like human creatures do. Crystals more than often choose us, we just think we are the ones doing the choosing. 🙂 They are special, and must be respected as such. They come in different densities, strength, weight, size, color, Metaphysical power, and range in vibration from 1-10.

People tend to think that “high vibration” equals “good”. This is absolutely not the case at all, and this is something many have to learn the hard way. There is no good and bad, there is only what is. High does not mean good, just like low or medium does not mean bad. This is an American or Western way of thinking. More does not equal better. Fast does not equal better. Balance is what many aim for and even that isn’t the best. We are both energy and physical, and ups and downs are to be expected and should be understood as okay. However, we do not want to use any high crystal simply to get somewhere faster, this is typically a recipe for disaster!

In the realm of people who use crystals, we often call them “crystal drugs”. We do this for a reason, because there is a crystal for everything you want to work on, open, close, feel, see or hear. So they are often called, “uppers” or “downers”. Highs and lows, and these are to be used with care and in a shamanic, respectful way.. If not done so, expect that to back fire on you and have it be a lesson learned, so you do not have to experience that again. “Use with caution” should be a sign you see every time you grab a crystal in your hand. This is not to be feared or to put fear in to you, but for you to see their true power.

Grounding crystals in epsom salt scrub, with grounding herbs & essential oil. Made by me.

Crystals are used in disease, psychological states, physical ailments, psychospiritual states, on a cellular level, they can provide nutrients, align chakras, be used on subtle bodies, be worn, and used by any person, including professionals.

Crystal use goes very far back in time, many people have used them and they are in many stories or tales. They truly are magic. People use them in psychic surgery, readings, healings, in their homes, gardens, meditation, you can even make gem or crystal elixirs to drink the vibration that the stone carries. Crystal use is mostly dated back to times of Atlantis and Lemuria. They are often noted in Egyptian history. Also India. Crystals have a natural alignment with magnetic fields. They actually come from the ground, in the Earth and are birthed from in the Earth. They are consciousness. When I say they are guides, they are believed to actually be spirits, and we’re human at one time.


“You would take and find that there was the creation of souls to go forth and create diversity as amongst that one original creation. Ye as souls, or as consciousness, were given forth as being co-creators of the Earth. These activities brought forth a creative act in the physical universe. When there was a stabilization of this planet, the various mineral structures in their own right projected down from the ethers and stabilized through equal dispersion to the presently existing mineral beds throughout the planet. Then there could be a stabilization and projection of thy energies as souls to be crystallized, anchored, and equally dispersed across the planet as a whole. This, of course, was before thy physical incarnation. Crystalline structures grew as life forms because they are indeed living entities in their own right. Life here is defined as an activity of pure consciousness that follows strains of pure consciousness, even as you would find that thy nervous system allows for the extension of the biological mind to all portions of the body physical. Crystals had their origin as extending along the greater forces of consciousness before physical incarnation of he as souls into this plane many eons past. Therefore, crystals have a natural alignment with electromagnetic fields. These fields are but by-products of the activities of the ethers, and the ethers are but as by-products of the activities of souls forces. Matter is crystallized into spirit.”

Gem Elixirs & Vibrational Healing: Volume l by Gurudas and channeled through Kevin Ryerson

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