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In my last blog post “Metaphysics, The Gut & The Microbiome“, I discussed the mind-gut connection, the Microbiome of the skin and body, and some the physical diagnosis that come along with unbalanced gut bacteria. At the end of the post I also talk about the metaphysics of Auto-Immunity and the connection between the Chakra system concerning it.

Today I am talking about how to measure the Microbiome.


In the past three years, Microbiome testing is becoming more “mainstream”. Until recently, doctors of any kind did not know the causes of these body struggles, and had no way of measuring or testing for such. I remember years ago wondering why doctors could not test for this type of thing like blood, or vitamin levels. Well, now they can and you can, too! Most doctors will not just recommend this type of testing to you. This is something you must seek out on your own through private labs. Though a private lab is who provides and processes the testing, a doctor referral is required to obtain these tests.

You can not get private lab testing without a doctors referral.

Microbiome testing procedures are done at home, with privacy. You do not need to lay on a table, or have someone poke and prod at you. There are a few different lab companies who release this type of testing. In my experience, I have used uBiome. “uBiome is the leading microbial genomics company. We are pioneering a new era of microbiome-based precision medicine.” uBiome was founded in 2012 by Stanford, Oxford, and UCSF educated researchers.

“Our Scientific Advisory Board includes Dr. Joseph DeRisi (MacArthur Genius and UCSF professor), Dr. Atul Butte (head of the Institute for Computational Health Sciences at UCSF), Dr. Jonathan Eisen (leading microbiologist at UC Davis), Dr. George Church (leading geneticist at Harvard University), and many other leading scientists.”


Below is uBiome’s timeline, provided on their website.


This timeline shows when uBiome first founded their studies, who supports these studies, as well as the launching and release of their private lab testing. (Please click the thumbnail photos for a larger view of the information.)

uBiome offers three different types of tests. The “Smart Gut” test, “Smart Jane” and “The Explorer”. I have had the opportunity to try out the Smart Gut test, and the Smart Jane test for free. These are both swab tests.

This is what the Smart Gut test looks like:


If you are interested in testing your Microbiome, and seeing the microbes which reside in you, I highly recommend uBiome. It takes several weeks to get results from the tests. But the wait is worth it. It takes just a few minutes to use the tests at home.

If you would like to see what a report of the results looks like,

you can view a sample at this link: uBiome SmartGut Sample Report.

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