Metaphysics, The Gut & The Microbiome

At a young age, I began to understand links between the gut and the brain, as well as dis-eases concerning gut bacteria. I began making these links around years 2010-2011, and finally learned what the microbiome really was in the year 2013. These studies are actually new for doctors. It has become more common knowledge in roughly the past three years. Though it is becoming more common, a lot of people still do not know about these connections between the gut and brain, or the connection between the gut and many diagnosis.

There is a primal and energetic connection between our gut and our brain. You always hear people say things like, “I just had a gut feeling.” Or “I knew it in my gut.” This is not a metaphor or saying, it is actually the truth of the intelligence of our physical body. Our gut is regarded as our “second brain”. Psychologists, Neuropsychologists and doctors of Neurology are really beginning to understand this. Many people who practice energy work understand this as well, as the Root Chakra connection to the Solar Plexus and even the Third Eye. They understand deeply the intuitive sense of our bodies and our gut.

There is also a major connection here regarding stress, not just bacterial causing microbes. If you experience something stressful, your gut knows this immediately. Your body then reflects this back. Learning to listen to the body is one of our greatest assets as humans.img_1374-1What is the Microbiome?

The microbiome is a collection of microbes, or living organisms that live inside and on top of the human body. They are called the microbiota. The microbiome refers to the genes within the microbes. These genes drastically effect the way a body operates and can cause many imbalances, as well as great health. We all have a specific and unique microbiome. No body is the same. Our microbiome is made up of our life experiences, stressors, geography, maternal biology, age, diet, and health.

“Our biography becomes our biology,” as Caroline Myss says.

In my blog post written about the Anatomy of the Physical Body, I discuss all the systems of the body and how they connect to each other. The GI tract, stomach, or Digestive System are very much connected with the Nervous System. In Chinese Medicine, they say that most Neurology symptoms are due to what is called, “Damp”. In America, they refer to this as “Leaky Gut”. “Leaky Gut” and “Damp” have links with many dis-eases. Auto-immune diseases, Autism, etc. “Damp” and “Leaky Gut” can be caused by many things. A large and popular thing has become to “eat raw”, or to have smoothie and juice diets. This is a large contributor to “Damp” and “Leaky Gut”. Many people regard this as healthy, but find that these become the only things they can consume due to the fact that it begins to cause an imbalance in the gut. In Chinese Medicine, they do not advise raw vegetables or diets consuming cold beverages because of this. In Chinese Medicine it is recommended to consume a fair amount of vegetables in soups or stews, and warm beverages only. As stated above, there are many other contributors to imbalanced gut microbes.

Scientists have discovered that our basis for our gut bacteria and microbiome begins as a fetus. Our original and first microbes, and genes come from our mothers. We are connected through her womb by our umbilical cord, and our nutrients and bacteria’s come directly from her. This is a large part of why many children are being born with an imbalance of gut bacteria’s and being diagnosed with diseases connected to the gut.DFAA0DBC-33C6-4149-B10A-7926D2006396

The best part about our microbiome is that through Epigenetic’s, we are able to manipulate and change our gut bacteria through the way we choose to live our lives. Epigenetic’s is the study of “changes in organisms caused by the modification of gene expression, rather than the alteration of the genetic code itself.” Dr. Bruce Lipton is a wonderful example of someone who studies Epigenetic’s in depth. I began studying his work in 2010, and have admired it ever since. He is an American Cell Biologist and he talks a lot about this connection. I discuss studies for this connection thoroughly and Bruce Lipton in this blog post here, called “The Future of Medicine“.

Back to the Microbiome and how imbalance manifests.

Stress is the first major indicator. It takes awareness to recognize these symptoms in the body and the self. There will be stomach imbalances, such as constipation or loose stools. There is often “cystic acne”, which is bacteria being pushed outward that manifests as acne due to the imbalance in the gut. Abdominal cramps, heartburn, excess weight gain.

⭐️ Physical Symptoms


Vision disturbance

Loss of interest in sex or physical activity


Tense muscles

Neurology Symptoms: tingling, shaking, tremor, pain


⭐️ Behavioral Symptoms

Distracted consciousness


Unable to focus

Ungrounded body

Teeth grinding

Withdrawal from social situations


⭐️ Emotional Symptoms



Loss of memory


Find it hard to relax

Gut imbalance is often at the root of Auto-Immune diseases. Crohn’s Disease, Lupus, Psoriasis, Grave’s Disease, Hashimoto’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sjrogen’s Disease, Autism and many more. These often have neurological symptoms due to the “Damp”, or “Leaky Gut”.

The Metaphysics of Auto-Immune Diseases

Auto-Immune Disease occurs when the immune defense system creates too many antibodies to attack unbalanced bacteria. The body then begins to attack organs or tissues, when it is essentially just trying to do its job of protecting the cells. Because the cells now see the body as foreign, it continuously attacks. “The cause of autoimmune diseases, metaphysically or esoterically, is MADNESS of the cells. Loss of memory in the cells causes the cells to forget their function; causes them to forget that they are one with the body. It is acidosis, lack of minerals, lack of oxygen, and energy imbalance that causes the cells to become MAD.”

This deeply effects the three lower chakras: Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, and the Solar Plexus Chakra, as well as the Third Eye chakra. All of our chakras connect to each other, sending messages back and forth. The main chakra that is effected with Auto-Immunity is the Root Chakra. The imbalance here manifests as being extensively ungrounded from the Earth, causing one to feel dizzy or as if they are spinning. This chakra is related to the blood, the skin, the cells, the anus and the release of feces. It effects the genitals of male and female, as well as our primal desire for sex. When the Root Chakra is imbalanced people experience eating disorders, fear, nightmares, colon problems, bladder issues, leg disturbances, lower back and feet issues. It is also connected with yeast infections, bacterial infections and of course, Auto-Immune disease.

In my next blog post, I will discuss Microbiome testing and what to do with this type of imbalance. This will include physical or Epigenetic approaches, as well as Metaphysical approach.

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