I don’t call myself Spiritual

I’m not spiritual. 

I don’t believe that being “spiritual” can help people.

More specifically, the “New Age movement”.

I respect what people believe, and I feel everyone should hold what they believe in, but also remain open to learn about life and themselves.

I’m practical. I believe in energy. You can feel it and see it, hear it, even taste it. Ancient modalities from centuries ago are based on the energy system of the physical body. Mind, Body, and Soul or Spirit. They are connected. I believe in Source as the highest power. I feel if you can connect to this Source, I believe you can do anything. There are many ways to connect to Source. I don’t believe in Gods. Just the One, and that all ‘Gods’ are an extension of the One God. I believe that every person is God and every thing is God. I don’t mind if you believe in a specific God, as long as it helps you. We are all One, and One with God Source.

I believe that every person has the ability to be psychic. I believe that psychic ability comes with transmuting your life experiences and grounding your physical body.

I believe that every person is responsible for transmuting their own pain. I believe that every person has the ability to transform their own body and heal any dis-ease or discomfort in their body, emotions and soul. I believe that bodies are designed to heal themselves.

I do not discredit any thing that has happened to a person, or their emotions or reality. I think that whatever you experience is the key to release and comfort. I don’t believe in being positive. I believe in looking at your emotions and feeling every single one of them. I believe in allowing and dissecting emotions, looking at “splinters” and experiences of the soul that manifest in the physical body and in your life.

I believe every person should get counseling regularly and I have strict beliefs on who you should do your metaphysical work with. Although every person is a teacher in this Universe. I believe you can use the power of Source to attract and move through people to find the magical match for the place you are at in your soul development.

I believe that there are pillars of a pyramid to achieving ease, comfort and flow. I feel that having a team of physical and metaphysical guides are necessary for optimal balance and learning about your Self.

No person is meant to do their self work alone. But this work is meant to be taken seriously, so your choice of guides and dedication to your work is your responsibility. 

Your ‘regular’ friends are not meant to be the ones to assist your Life Work, unless their Soul is assigned to the type of work that you are seeking. You will know the difference.

Every person has a Soul Purpose.

Your passions are your often a part of your soul work.

I believe that modalities and tools are meant to be used as physical guides to achieve your path. I also believe that you will go through many phases and steps on this path. What you use 10 years consistently may not be what you use next year. This is a good thing.

I believe in past lives, present life, future lives, multiple dimensions, and parallel selves. I also believe that your present life is the most important life, but all things we experience are meant to be used to your advantage – so if you see them, use them. They are gifts to you.

Some of my favorite modalities and/or types of work to be harmoniously aligned are:

Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Color Therapy, Sound Healing, Enery strengthening, such as Yoga or Qi Gong, Food & diet, listening to the body, Triggered Emotional Release Therapy, Psychic Surgery, Counseling, Meditation, Prayer to Source.

Types of people I feel who can assist:

Shamans, Astrologers, Metaphysicians, Psychics, Counselors, Therapists, Nutritionists, Holistic Practitoners, Chinese Medicine Practitoners, Acupuncturists, Yoga & Qi Gong instructors, Energy Ministers, Medical Intutives, practicing and balanced Empaths.

Types of multi-dimensional beings I feel can assist:

Ghosts/Spirits, guides, angels, fairies, Gods, aliens, soul family, soul mates, Twin Flames.

Also: crystals, water, plants and the Earth.

I believe whole heartedly that whatever you have experienced and are experiencing is a gift given to you. What we experience is not wrong, but a part of our Life Path. You can’t do your Life Path wrong. Every experience is another exit to another experience. We get to make our choices and feel the outcome of those choices. Just like our experiences. Even the uncomfortable and unfortunate experiences can change and transform us.