The Future of Medicine

Because Western Medicine often fails concerning true remarkable healing, Eastern Medicine has become popular in the twenty-first century.

Modern day Science has discovered that our physical human bodies are so intricately designed, that any person can actually transform and change their DNA by manipulating the environment in which cells, or a physical body resides. This is also referred to as Vibrational Healing, Epigenetics Control, Quantum Physics, Traditional Chinese Medicine or Eastern Medicine.

Vibrational Healing in every form, is the future of Natural Medicine. The physical body of every living being is based on the balance of energy and energetic flow. Energy is often referred to as Qi, Chi, Life Force or Vibration. The system that this energy flows through is called the Meridian system. The Meridian system resides in every physical body. Though the Meridian system is not physical, it effects and reflects in the physical body.

Vibrational Healing is the first medicine that has been discovered in which a being can heal oneself without any physical tools involved. Meridian or energetic manipulation can be done with the physical body as it’s only tool, or you can use other tools in combination with the body.

There are many known ways of manipulating the Qi or vibration within the physical body. Reiki is becoming increasingly popular, even in thousands of hospitals to date. Reiki is an energetic practice which originated from Japan. It is called “hands on” or “palm” healing. This is when the practitioner uses their hands to direct the meridian flow. Reiki Masters also use traditional, ancient symbols to direct the flow of energy.

Any person can trace their own Meridian system as well, even without knowing the system points (acupressure points), or without being able to feel energetic flow. “Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of counseling intervention that draws on various theories of alternative medicine including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming, energy medicine, and Thought Field Therapy (TFT).”

Some people use Feng Shui to manipulate the environment of their personal scared space, or home for health! (Feng shui (pinyin: fēng shuǐ, pronounced [fɤ́ŋ ʂwèi] ( listen)) is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. The term feng shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English.)

As for directing the energetic flow with tools, there are many known ways. Acupuncture is a form of Natural Medicine and true key component in Traditional Chinese Medicine. This practice re-aligns energetic flow, reduces and relieves pain. It is even used in surgeries in Asia as a replacement for pharmaceutical intervention.

People can use the Earth’s elements to direct energy, such as sun, water or crystals. They can use any tool that is a high vibrational tool, for example: Essential Oils, Plants or Herbs, Foods, Color, Sound. Body movement and techniques are a great way to align the energetic flow. This can be done through dance, yoga (“A physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in India.”), or Qigong (“Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention.”) Some people even use Feng Shui in their homes to manipulate the energy within their home and living space!

In the documentary, “Messages from Water: Water Crystals in Motion” by scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto Hadu, he and his team prove that intent, or projected intent can alter physical reality, such as DNA. He and his team perform several series of tests which conclude that water retains information that effects cells and any physical body.

In the first series of tests, he and the team practice on water molecules. They use a vibration measuring machine (MRA) to conduct the testing. Using this machine, they transfer vibrational information on to micro clustered water, they call this special water, “Hado Water.” The team quickly learns that they can study the water at best in a more solid form, snow. Snow is water! They then ran the tests on snowflakes. The team did concur that the water crystals and/or snowflakes were in fact reflections of peoples emotional states.

”Vibration is another word for energy. How does energy travel? Through water, I believe.” says Dr. Emoto. “The hexagonal crystals represent the life force of Mother Nature. Therefore, the absence of crystals can be seen as a sign that the life forces in that area have been compromised energetically.”

The next set of tests were done by exposing crystals to music, and last exposing the crystals to words. (Including written words, as well as projecting their intent and thoughts on to water. IE: Test spoken out loud, and then projected at the crystals in thought.)

”Through crystallization, what is the water trying to tell us? Personally, I think Mother Nature is the root of everything. Anything in tune with Mother Nature manifests as a beautiful hexagonal structure, anything that is not doesn’t. That is it’s message perhaps, using itself as a medium. It is important for the world around us to produce nothing but beautiful hexagonal crystals.” – Dr. Masaru Emoto Hadu.

People around the world began attempting these tests at home using rice. They would place rice from the same batch, in to two different containers to conduct the experiment on the use of the intent. Using words or phrases like; “You fool” and “I love you.” These tests resulted in similar ways, such as the water crystals. The high vibrational (loving) words produced beautiful snowflakes or water crystals, just like they produced more white and healthy looking rice. Where as there low vibrational (fear) words produced mold, black, and dis formation. Also what would be known as disease, physical or emotional pain.

In Dr. Bruce Lipton’s DVD, The Biology of Belief he discusses how he conducts similar tests, such as Dr. Masaru Emoto Hadu and his team. Bruce is a cell biologist. He uses cells in his experiments in Epigenetics Control.

Bruce took one cell and allowed it to multiply in a pet-re dish. It multiplied for a few days, until it became 50,000 cells. Once there were 50,000 cells in the dish, Bruce separated the cells by three parts. Bruce placed each part in a different dish, with a different environment. He discovered that Dish A, the cells produced muscle. Dish B produced bone, and Dish C produced fat cells. “No person has to be a physicist, or a biologist to know the result of this test,” says Dr. Bruce Lipton. “These tests prove that cells are in fact controlled by environment, not genetics.”

These tests completed by Dr. Masaru Emoto Hadu and Dr. Bruce Lipton prove that energy, life force, chi, and the manipulation of environment in which that energy resides in is the ultimate artistic expression, self care, health care and medical prevention. This is simply because it is a fact that all energy and physicality is controlled by the environment. This is the future of Natural Medicine.