The Light Body


Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. Any person can use this method on themselves, as well as animals. Energy Medicine is based on the energetic body, which includes meridians (the bodies energy pathway), chakras (the bodies energy centers), and aura (the bodies energy atmosphere.) Energy Medicine is about maintaining your bodies health by using different combinations of the bodies electrical, electromagnetic energies and the subtle energies.

Everything is energy! Every person has both a physical body and an energetic body. Through out the day, we will all experience a change in our energetic body due to external and internal circumstances. (Internal, for example: Thought processes and how one harmonizes with them.)

Humans have an immune system that guards and defends against that which is not recognized, which in turn causes ones immune system to be on a constant alert. This also causes a persons energy to be drained, prana or life force to be depleted.

The daily stressors of life also trigger another type of response as well, this would be the fight or flight response. Though this is a “heightened state and a brilliant achievement of nature”, it is being used in everyday life to manage every form of stress for the average human being. This could be anything, from an argument with a friend, losing a job, working too much, a computer malfunction, or just any situation that causes one a fair amount of stress.

Though people may be able to get by living their lives using the fight or flight response, what actually happens when we choose to use this method is our bodies are attempting to adapt to an environment, an unfamiliar environment, which causes a persons body to operate outside of its scope or realm of understanding. This actually comes with a compromise and a major cost to us and our being. This literally undermines ones overall health and vitality.

If any one is to thrive, they must choose to take part in the evolution of their body energy patterns. “Energy Medicine is the art and science of fostering physical, psychological and spiritual health and vitality.” This combines both rational knowledge and intuitive understanding of the energies of the body and the environment. When we focus on our body as a living system of energy, we understand that our health and healing is in our hands and in our being.

In Energy Medicine, energy is the medicine and the unbalanced energies are the patient. Energy Medicine is one of the most significant cultural developments, showing us the return to personal authority for health, as well as the return to harmonizing with the forces of nature.

Regardless of what has been introduced in the medical field, the true essence of Energy Medicine will always be the energy systems that make up the subtle infrastructure of every body.